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TES Art Club

At TES, we not only strive for academic excellence, but we also want to ensure that our students live fulfilled, enriched lives, and exposure to art is a big part of that desire.  As part of our drive to expose our students to a variety of disciplines and interests, we offer an Art Club, in addition to our art class, which students participate in weekly during their C.A.M.P. schedule.


This school year, our Art Club will be made up of third grade students only.  To participate, permission slips must be obtained from and submitted to Mrs. Baggett, our Art Instructor.  The first 24 applications will be accepted and, thereafter, students will pay a $25.00 Art Club fee, which will pay for a club t-shirt and some supplies.  Once a student is a member of the club, they must have no referrals, follow all school rules, attend every Art Club meeting, and be picked up on time at 4:30 p.m. at the front of the school.  If a student is picked up late two separate times, he/she will be released from the club.  


The TES Art Club meets on the second and third Tuesday of every month.  During those meetings, projects will be created, and new ideas generated, hopefully sparking that inspiring artist hidden within our students.  We look forward to a year of beautiful and exciting new works of art, created by our TES students!