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Classroom Expectations

*We will follow the Thomson Elementary School-wide Behavior Plan: 


Soaring (excellent behavior)

Ready to Fly (acceptable behavior)

Reminder (warning)

Think about it (time out/think sheet)

Parent contact (phone call/note home)

Reflection room referral (removed from class)



We respect others and their property.

We remember our classroom permissions(talking, etc.).

We keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.

We come to class prepared.

We remain on task and do our best work.

We follow all school rules (hall, restroom, lunchroom, and media).


Incentives:                                     Consequences:

Praise                                     Warning

Good notes home                    Time out/Think sheet

Eagle Bucks                             Phone call/Note home

Monday Motivator                   Referral & Phone call

Behavior Blast               


*Students begin quarter with a 100 in conduct.  Each strike will decrease that score one point.  Final conduct grade will reflect the end of quarter difference.

E = 90 and above

S = 80 and above

N = 70 and above

U = below 70


If the student receives two or more referrals, they will receive a U on their conduct grade.                  

Students may earn the Monday Motivator by completing AR and Lexia expectations, being 'Ready to Learn' in behavior, participation, and effort.
Weekly expectations to be a Monday Motivator:
AR - read and test with 80% or better on three assigned level books
Lexia - medium to high accuracy; time in program; number of lessons completed
Behavior - 4 out of 5 days on Ready to Learn