Welcome to our classroom webpage! Here you will find links to our favorite learning websites we use in class ALL the time. Students are VERY familiar with Freckle and Google Classroom. Recently our school funded each student their our personal virtual library! This can be found under RasKids below. We have NOT used this in class since it is BRAND NEW! However, during this time away students can have fun exploring the site! 
Links to GMAS practice can be found on the side bar under "GMAS Resources". Also feel free to allow students to view the Kid-Friendly Coronavirus information also found on the side bar. 
If you need ANYTHING at all you can email me, or send a DOJO Message (DOJO has been experiencing errors lately). I will get back to you as soon as I can!
Please make frequent trips to our classroom website for new information.
New information will be posted in the tab to the right labelled "At-home learning"
Student login information for Google Classroom:
username: 2029(first initial of first name)(last name)(last 2 digits of AR number)@student.mcduffie.k12.ga.us
Password: mcs(AR number)
Example: 2029tanderson17@student.mcduffie.k12.ga.us

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Teacher username: tanderson157
Click on YOUR name and enter your AR number (usually starts with an 8).
Click on "Level up" underneath the grey circle.
Choose a book (any book!)
1. Read it
2. Listen to it.
3. Take the test.
Do all three in order for each book. I will know if you did not read it and listen to it before taking the test. 
You will learn stars for reading, listening and taking test. Soon you will be able to exchange your stars to create a character for your account!
Click the link to get started!