Red Carpet Night

Thomson Elementary School’s annual Red Carpet Extravaganza is a poignant and meaningful event for all who attend. Staff members secretly nominate a student or students who have touched their hearts in some way during the school year, either by their words, deeds, or giving nature. Students dress in their personal best and are escorted down the Red Carpet by the ROTC cadets from THS. Everyone cheers and congratulates them, bringing huge smiles to their faces. Once on stage, students then learn which staff member nominated them, as the adult steps up to the podium and speaks to the student and the audience about why they chose to nominate that particular student. In those moments under the spotlight, each student shines and hears how they have impacted an adult at Thomson Elementary School. It is a night where even the smallest act of kindness can be shared and recognized with the biggest of smiles, hugs, and compliments.  
Once again, Thomson Elementary School is proud to invite everyone to join us for our upcoming Red Carpet Extravaganza, Friday, February 17, 2023, beginning at 5:30 p.m. to share in the magic of kindness and appreciation.