A little about me:  I am originally from South Carolina and moved to Georgia in 1996.  I currently reside in Grovetown, GA with my wonderful daughter Alexyia.  When I am not at school, you can find me reading, cooking, and spending time with family.


This is my 27th year teaching in McDuffie County and my 3rd year teaching in the Early Intervention Program (EIP).  I  love working with small groups of students in reading & math through the EIP program! 


My philosophy of teaching is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating environment where they can grow mentally, emotionally, and socially.  Every day I attempt to do this by providing high expectations for all students and then give them the support they need to reach those expectations. I believe it is a teacher's responsibility to foster a love of learning in all children by instilling the belief they can achieve those high expectations, become life-long learners, and do great things as long as they keep an "I CAN" attitude. I count it a privilege to work with our fantastic students and staff here at Thomson Elementary!  


Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or need assistance in helping your child succeed here at TES.

Welcome to Thomson Elementary School where all of our students will SOAR like eagles. My name is Stacy Spann, and I am one of the EIP teachers here at TES.
I am so excited to be working with 2nd & 3rd graders in reading and math as a teacher with the Early Intervention Program (EIP).  The EIP program is designed to serve students who are at risk of not reaching or maintaining academic grade level.  The purpose of the Early Intervention Program is to provide additional instructional resources to help students who are performing below grade level obtain the necessary academic skills to reach grade level performance in the shortest possible time. 
I collaborate with the regular classroom teachers to provide supplementary instruction based on the needs of each student.  My main focus is working in small groups for reading and math. We work on catching up to grade-level reading expectations for phonics, sight words, word attack skills, comprehension skills, and test-taking strategies.  In math, we work on catching up to grade-level expectations in number sense, addition/subtraction and multiplication/division strategies, problem-solving, math reasoning, and various other concepts such as fractions, money, geometry, etc.