School Improvement/Title I » PBIS


What is PBIS?

PBIS is a research based framework we are using to improve our students’ social competence, support their decision-making, and improve academic achievement.  It will decrease the loss of instructional time through the use of direct instruction of expectations.
Three building-wide expectations form the foundation of PBIS at Thomson Elementary School:
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready to Learn


In addition to our expectations, the following components are a part of PBIS at TES:

1. Behavior Matrix

2. Direct Teaching of the expectations

3. Eagle bucks and individual classroom recognitions to recognize meeting our school expectations

4. Classroom behavior tracking systems are utilized to track and address all behaviors

5. Clip up-clip down chart allows students to improve their behaviors 



What is the Behavior Matrix?

The behavior matrix is a detailed description of expected behavior in each setting of the school.  The matrix is posted in all areas of the building.



How we teach expectations:

PBIS team members have developed lessons which teach students appropriate choices and behaviors regardless of where they are in the school.  Teachers utilize these lessons to demonstrate behavior that meets our school wide PBIS expectations.  These lessons are re-taught and reinforced throughout the school year, and will become a regular part of our instructional program.



How we recognize and reinforce our students when they meet PBIS expectations: 


  • Eagle Bucks
  • TES School Store
  • Classroom Recognitions
  • 2 mini behavior celebrations (Nov. and March)
  • 2 semester behavior celebrations (Jan. and May)
  • Positive Behavior Referrals-recognized each Friday on WTES
  • Eagle of the Month (Teacher/Class nominate one student each month who exemplifies PBIS expectations)



How we use the TES classroom behavior tracking systems:

Teachers use a clipboard, cards, and the clip-up/clip-down chart to monitor and record behaviors. All students begin each day with a fresh start. TES has divided discipline issues into major and minor infractions. This minor/major description chart is available upon request. Student behaviors are tracked in order to form a plan to address behaviors as needed.